The gift of experiences.

We are a family business.

We developed this platform because we love nothing more than getting out and seeing, doing and experiencing new things with our children

We tend to give gifts of experience rather than toys. Each birthday is remembered by what we did that day rather than what we got. As a family who travelled this was a convenient way to pack those birthday gifts away in a suitcase. Taking only memories.

In the good times it was a trip to Cambodia, during the quieter years it was a trip to the zoo or walk around apart of town we had not been to. For the kids they didn’t mind where, they liked and remembered the family time.
Doing more, travel or small getaways as a family is something I personally want to promote and help others achieve.

It’s not about going near or far, spending a lot or less it’s about experiencing and doing new things together. Creating lasting memories.

Te Kaupapa is a marketplace that makes doing things easier. We make it convenient to find what’s on and what to do. Whether it be taking a friend to that lunch deal, your family on a boat trip, buying a massage voucher or grabbing a ticket to a local show.

With three kids in tow we needed the convenience of knowing what’s on , what’s available in the areas we visit and we needed quick and efficient ways of making reservations.

For local businesses we offer the tools needed to connect them with people searching for experiences.

So we can all get out and do more easier.

“What’s your Kaupapa for today?”