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We helped Meat and Co Direct create time slot pick-up appointments for their online sales during COVID-19. For every online order, the customer was given a unique QR code to be scanned for a seamless, contactless pick-up process.

Meat and Co Direct used te kaupapa to create flash marketing direct to customers to ensure all meat produce was sold out each pick up day.


Northside Gym needed a membership platform where their customers could book spaces for their favorite classes, prepay for private Instructors and offer special promotions on new classes to their clientele

They needed to be able to quickly notify their customers of updates and specials so used te kaupapa to create their one stop shop for all of their gym needs.

Coffee Roaster

We helped Tohora coffee set up online bookings to their coffee roasting tours. Tours were limited and pre-pay only all sold through te kaupapa, while on tour customers could buy new blends and products through our speedy online checkout.

Customers could buy coupons and VIP memberships for coffee subscriptions and weekly coffee deliveries.