We were never planners as such. We were that family who booked flights on a whim and forgot about them until the day before. Scrambling at the airport to book accommodation, it wasn’t rare to see us waiting to get the booking confirmation to show the taxi driver where to go while the kids sat on our luggage.

We loved to travel and some years we were away more than we were home. When travelling we had a catch phrase ‘what’s the kaupapa for today’, meaning what's the plan, what should we do today? Each day that question was followed by the same problem, endless scrambling on the internet trying to find an authentic travel experience or even a more pressing problem of where to find a coffee nearby?

Like most people, we always found ourselves trying to find out what’s on, where we can take our kids, where to eat nearby, what local gifts we could take back and the best way to travel from here to there. We quickly realized that some of the best local businesses were not online and hard to find. You really needed to be in the know for where to go.

We dreamed of a place that merged all of our travel issues into one simple solution of a global local market place and itinerary planner for travellers.

What we loved about travelling was experiencing new sights and sounds and tastes and cultures. We always struggled to find what was worthwhile or stumbled across the best experiences by chance interactions with locals.

What if there was a way to find those locals with the best experiences on offer?

So we built te kaupapa, a place to discover ,to share ,to plan, to buy and to experience the best things only locals have to offer!

Make an authentic travel kaupapa tailored to your needs.